Laser Cutting Systems


CO2 & Fiber Laser Cutting Systems For Precision Sheet Metal Processing.

OEM Laser cutting machine series

Double-drive gantry flying optics laser cutting machines, with lightweight bridge optimized for high dynamics & accuracy.
  • LZ-3015/4020/6020: 3x1.5m, 4x2m, 6x2m (1 to 6kW). 
  • LH-6025/8025: 6x2.5m, 8x2.5m (3 to 12kW). High power and high dynamics for higher productivity.
  • EX-3015/4020 "Excalibur":  3x1.5m, 4x2m (4 to 12kW).  High power & High Speed. With shuttle table in front, for easy operator access and full overview of the entire process.

Compact Laser Cutting machine Falcon M3015/M4015

  • The PRC Laser Falcon M3015/M4015 is a compact high-dynamic 2D laser cutting machine designed for sheet metal formats of 3m x 1.5m and 4m x 1.5m.
  • Underhanging flying optic gantry on centered X-axis concept for superior dynamics in the cutting process. Aggressive axis movements without loss of accuracy.
  • Designed for Fiber laser beam delivery up to 8000 W.
  • Thanks to this construction, the operator has ergonomic and easy access to the working area inside the machine.

Compact “Small Format” Laser Cutting machine M1212

  • The PRC Laser M1212 is a compact high-dynamic 2D laser cutting machine with a working range of 1.25m x 1.25m
  • With Fiber Laser (500W to 4 kW), or with CO2 laser.
  • Superior Dynamics without compromising the accuracy.
  • Heavy and rigid one single piece machine frame structure, requiring no floor anchoring. Easy installation.
  • Extremely ergonomic semi-automatic loading/unloading system. 

Compact “General-Purpose” Laser Processing machine M2.5

  • Compact & Flexible "General-Purpose" laser system,
    with a work station volume of 1.25m x 1m  x 1m(H)
  • Unique concept allows to process various kinds of workpieces, using special fixtures, rotary and/or tilting stations, etc...
  • With CO2 or Fiber laser technology.
    Various laser processing heads for different applications.
  • For laser cutting, welding, cladding, 3D-Printing, etc…

Large Format Laser Cutting series, Stand-alone or in coil-cutting line.

  • ∑F12030-to-36050: Laser cutting machine, with cutting table length from 12m to 36m (in steps of 3m), and width from 3m to 5m (in steps of 0.5m). Fiber laser power from 3 to 12kW.
  • LY12015/LY12025:  Advanced “multiple head” laser cutting machine with compact layout, stand-alone machine or integrated in a coil-cutting production line. 12m x 1.5m/2.5m. 
  • Available with up to 3 independent cutting heads, cutting simultaneously, for higher production capacity. 
  • Coil-cutting line integration, with special rolling cutting bed.

Learn how our versatile Laser Cutting Systems can be customized to meet your specific fabrication needs.

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