Laser Sources


Laser Source Integration

PRC Laser has carefully matched technology and components to meet and exceed expectations.
From innovative in-house design and Laser source options to our advanced user interface,
a PRC Laser Source is Engineering at its finest.

PRC offers high power Fiber & CO2 Laser sources for integration
into OEM machines and Industrial Processes.

Our wide range of products, and decades of application experience make us the ideal partner for your application, both for new installs and for retrofits to replace other laser brands on existing machines.
All our products are fully supported by our own world-class service team.

If needs a change in the future we can upgrade your system with a higher powered laser.

Fiber Lasers

  • Power Levels from 100 to 15000 Watts, pulsed and CW
  • Single module power up to 3kW
  • NEW!!! Active Air Cooled 12 kW Fiber Laser
    (no water cooling!!)
  • "Compact" Active Air Cooled 1 kW, 1.5 kW & 2 kW lasers
  • Customized: delivery fiber length, fiber core diameter, and coupling styles
  • Fiber Laser sources are specifically made, for various precision fabrication processes and special laser applications.
  • Pulsed, pico en nanosecond fiber lasers for new and special applications, such as laser cleaning processes, glass de-coating, industrial engraving, etc....

CO2 Lasers

  • PRC continues a tradition of CO2 Laser Resonators
  • Power levels from 1000-3000 Watt
  • Customized beam output modes, pulsing modes, control interfaces
  • Custom collimator designs and beam delivery designs

Water Chillers for Fiber & CO2 Lasers

  • Available with single and dual cooling water circuits
  • High precision temperature control
  • Double and independent temperature control on Dual circuit chillers.
  • Energy efficient
  • Environmental-friendly

Applications & Industries.

Our laser sources are used in a wide variety of laser applications, such as:
Laser cutting, Laser welding, Laser Surface treatment, Laser cladding,

3D-Printing, Dieboard cutting, cigarette filter paper perforation,
Laser scribing & cutting of ceramics/glass/quartz,
glass melting & sealing applications, coating & paint removal,
rust removal, 
and other laser cleaning processes, etc… 

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