About us

Top-notch customer service is our # 1 priority. Every day.

One-stop European platform for laser sources, laser machines & systems,
customized laser projects and laser applications,
laser machine programming software,
service & maintenance, and spare parts.

Who is PRC Laser Europe?

PRC Laser Europe offers high-quality, customized, and affordable solutions for
laser cutting, welding, surface treatment, and a wide variety
of other laser applications. 
With the best service & support included. 
Take advantage of our laser expertise and many years of experience.

Why choose PRC?

Standard and customized innovative laser solutions

With the necessary in-house expertise in laser & machine technology, combined with long-term laser experience, we offer the best solutions.

Maintenance & service throughout Europe and even far beyond

Our service is known throughout Europe and beyond, for its first-class repairs, maintenance, and spare parts.  

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority

PRC Laser maintains a distinguished reputation for superior customer service.
    As a company specialized in laser cutting, we have worked with PRC for over 25 years.
    Our core business requires excellence, precision, strictness, and PRC's laser products correspond perfectly to our needs.
    The products offered by PRC, come with high quality & high reliability, always equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology, and accompanied by impeccable customer service.
    Alain Dauny, LSF (France)

    We have two Finn-Power laser cutting machines for many years, both with 4kW PRC CO2 laser sources, which we are very satisfied with.
    The maintenance on the laser sources is always done in a professional way, punctually and accurately.
    Prices and agreements are strictly followed by PRC, and only the necessary parts will be replaced. The service team has years of experience and it shows!
    For new developments, you can always contact PRC, you always get good and honest information.

    Danny Lippens, DE KIMPE (Belgium)

    As a supplier to different industries, and 30 years of experience in laser cutting with CO2 lasers, we process a wide range of different materials and thicknesses. We must be able to deliver quickly and reliably at a competitive price. In 2007 we bought a BLS linear motor machine with 7 kw PRC laser to cut thick plate. Followed by two Finn Powers with 4kw PRC laser.
    Why PRC? Low energy & low gas consumption, a reliable and nice team to work with. We at De Bruyn Metaal already look forward for a PRC fiber laser.

    Rob De Bruyn, DE BRUYN METAAL (Netherlands)

    We are using PRC lasers since Allmetal GmbH was founded. Currently we have 6 PRC lasers in use. These laser sources fully meet our objectives and requirements for efficiency, reliability, availability and maintenance. PRC also provides the regular maintenance and repair service for our machines. The quality of the work performed, the reliability and dedication of PRC’s qualified personnel were met to our full satisfaction. We are very happy with the relationship we have and look forward to maintaining it in the future.

    Jan Goettner, ALLMETAL GmbH (Germany)

Our history.

Since 1985, PRC Laser has developed and built premium industrial lasers used in a variety of metal applications across the globe. Founded in the USA, we are proud of the reputation earned in the fabrication industry for our custom solutions and world-class customer service.

PRC Laser Corporation was formed by engineers who were challenged to design an automated welding line with a laser source durable enough to survive the rigors of a 24-hour production line operation. Within a short period of time, PRC’s CO2 laser resonator was being purchased and utilized for the welding and cutting machines on some of the industry’s top manufacturing equipment.

To this day, PRC remains committed to a tradition of designing innovative laser systems & solutions and providing outstanding user support.

In 2019, a line of CO2 and fiber laser cutting systems was added to the product range, available in various cutting table sizes, and with laser power levels from 1 kW to 12 kW, as well as customized laser systems for a wide variety of special applications.

PRC Laser continues to serve it's customers as the most popular source of CO2 lasers, along with turn-key laser cutting machines and other laser solutions through in-house developments and OEM partnerships.

Since 1985, PRC Laser has earned a firm reputation in the fabrication industry for custom solutions and world-class customer service. 

The same values are maintained by PRC Laser Europe, founded in 1992, to serve the European market, and far beyond.

PRC Laser Europe N.V.

Industriepark De Bruwaan 89B
B-9700 Oudenaarde, Belgium