Machine Controller & Software


Laser Machine Touchscreen Control
Software Platform.

This is our Graphic Laser Application Software System that features TOUCHSCREEN CONTROL,
and provides operators with a simple to use interface
for any kind of Laser machine & Laser Application.

Can be connected to the company network with available remote service & support. 

The EtherCAT platform provides optimum protocol communication.

Fully compatible mobile option available.

Controller software platforms.


  • Graphic Laser Application Software System “G.L.A.S.S.”, is our control platform that provides an easy-to-use interface, with advanced program management and remote support. 

  • Part Manager allows operator to access parts and programs in the directory, including Graphical restart features. 

  • Database Manager provides a ready-to-use parameter database for laser cutting, customizable for other laser processes and customer requirements.

  • “G.L.A.S.S. mobile”: online complete overview of laser processing data, machine status & job completion.

  • Also available as a component product for OEM machines.

LL Laser Suite

  • Software control platform, used on our OEM and Large Format Laser Cutting machines, providing similar features as GLASS, offering an easy-to-use interface for the operators, with advanced program management and remote support.

  • Part Manager allows the operator to access parts & programs in the work directory, with Graphical restart features.

  • Database Manager provides a ready-to-use parameter database of laser cutting & piercing parameters for the most commonly used materials and sheet metal thicknesses.

Offline CAD/CAM Software.

For the most efficient and optimized precision fabrication process,
PRC promotes an open platform for
offline software, CAM programming & Nesting.

Although we recommend a specific third party CAD/CAM solution,
we believe you should have the freedom to choose!

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