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Glass Coating Removal & Marking

  • Our automatic glass coating removal machine uses
    ultra-fast pulsed laser technology to remove the coating from glass substrates.
  • Coating on the glass is removed by laser ablation, which is a cold process and does not heat or harm the glass substrate.
  • A high-speed scanner mounted on a CNC controlled gantry can remove coatings of different widths and along any path.
  • Any shape or pattern can be programmed and laser decoated from glass windows! 
  • Coatings on other materials, such as mirror substrates, etc...can also be removed by this laser ablation process.

Bird Protection Glass Marking

  • Bird safe windows are windows with a visual barrier that allow birds to distinguish the window.
  • The visual barrier can be marked with a laser system in an economic and flexible way.
  • Glass Surface Marking by laser ablation OR Sub-surface marking. Any Shape/Pattern is possible
  • Contrast and transparency of the marked features can be adjusted by laser parameters.
  • Laser marking is environmentally friendly (no chemicals, no waste products).
  • Laser marking is permanent and does not wear. 
  • Contact-free Laser marking (no risk of breakage).

Anti-Fog Laser Structuring

  • Anti-Fog Laser Structuring on glass windows changes the glass surface into an hydrophilic, water repellent surface
  • Anti-Fog Glass Surface structuring by laser is a cold and flexible process, and does not heat or harm the glass substrate.
  • Laser Structuring is made in a contact-free way => no risk of breakage
  • Anti-Fog Laser Structuring can also be used on aluminum substrates, turning the surface into a water repellent, non condensing surface.
  • The Anti-Fog Laser Structuring process is environmentally friendly (no chemicals, no waste products)..

Laser Texturing

Rolling Mill Tempering Roll Surfaces

  • The PRC Laser Roll Texturing Machine uses a pulsed fiber laser with patented optical laser disorder texturing technology. 
  • This technology allows the creation of textured sheet surfaces that are completely randomized and uniform over the full roll width. 
  • The CNC laser texturing machine accurately controls the laser process to produce highly consistent and repeatable surface finishes.

Laser Hardening - Heat Treatment

  • The Laser Hardening Process is a heat treatment process, used to improve strength and durability of component surfaces, such as Press brake tools, metal working tools, automotive components, axles, etc…

  • Perfect solution for highly stressed, complex components. Targeted heat input, confined to local area, no distortion.

  • The very precisely controlled non-contact laser process, opens up applications that would not be possible with conventional hardening methods (induction or flame).

  • Highly consistent and repeatable hardening strength. Offering significant benefits in tool making, etc…

Substrate Laser Heating up to 3000°C

  • Non-contact Laser Substrate Heating up to 3000°C
  • Contact-free laser process => NO burned particles or whatsoever on surface!!
  • This laser Heating Process can be used on most materials!!.
  •  Environmentally friendly process: no chemicals, no waste products.

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