Laser Welding


Laser Welding Solutions For Many Diverse Industries.

Precision Laser Welding solutions For A Vast Variety Of Applications & Industries.

We have CO2 and Fiber Laser welding sources, as well as the components to create complete welding solutions. 
We also offer Hand-Held fiber laser welding systems. 

Our lasers are used in a wide variety of welding applications: Tailored Blank welding,  electronics & equipment housings, aerospace, military, automotive, glass industry, maritime, medical components, appliances, heating radiators, pillow plate welding for the food industry, architectural & infrastructure, etc....

Different solutions available in cooperation with our OEM partners (Robotic, automatic systems, etc...).

Welding applications.

Hand-Held Laser Welding systems 1500 & 2000 W

  • Ultra Compact "Active Air-cooled" design, Fiber cable of 10 m, offering high flexibility for Manual Laser Welding, Cutting and Cleaning. With multiple safety features!
  • Instant startup without any delay, for continuous operation 24/7 (-20°C to +60°C ambient temperature). 
  • Integrated touchscreen control with preset & user parameter library for welding with & without wire feeding, wobble modes, automatic shielding gas control, and .
  • Easy-to-use, no special training needed. 
  • The Laser Welder for everybody !! 
  • Up to 10x Faster than TIG.
  • Welds, cuts, cleans all metals : stainless & mild steel, aluminum, brass, copper, etc... 
  • Automatic Wire Feeding System. 

Hand-Held Laser Welding Safety Accessories

  • PRC Welding Helmet offering protection for Fiber Laser light, IR & UV light. With redundant CE safety circuit & interface to the laser welding system.
  • Fiber laser safety goggles.
  • Laser ON/OFF Danger indication panel for laser welding cabins, welding area entrance doors, etc...
  • Fiber laser protection windows, CE & protection level marked, for laser welding cabins, welding area entrance doors, etc...

Industrial Examples

  • Window Spacer welding 
  • Saw Blade Segment welding 
  • Heating radiator welding
  • "Pillow Plate" welding for food industry cooling tanks
  • Automotive Clutch welding & other automotive parts
  • Fire Extinguisher welding/sealing
  • Welding of Dissimilar Materials & Various Parts

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